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Our location is Sheffield, England.

Our base is 1 mile from the City Centre, and of a mile from the Manor Lodge where Mary Queen of Scots was imprisoned in the Turret House.

We are a well established business of good reputation trading in the book & ephemera world since 1990.

Our ever changing stock consists of :
Books from the 17th 18th & 19th and early century:

In English Latin & French
History, Literature, Poetry, Travel, Exploration, Bibles, Theology, Medicine, Science, Philosophy, Illustrated books, Children's Books, Art, Architecture, Topography, Classic Literature, Natural History, Military & War, Ancient Literature, Fashion, Cookery, Language, Dictionary's, late 19th and early 20th century Fiction.

We also have a vast amount of ephemera:
Autographs, Maps, Prints, Engravings, Sheet Music, Illustrated London News,

Looking through our stock
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Ray & Collette Heard
210 City Road
Sheffield S2 5HP
South Yorkshire
United Kingdom

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